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Japan 🇯🇵 Magic Gel Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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RM 18.90
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RM 27.00
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RM 18.90

Product Description

[ Features ]
⚡ Quick, simple and easy to use
Just place it your toilet's tank and it'll automatically clean, deodorize and sterilize your toilet bowl on each flush.

⚡ Strong cleaning effect
Each flush will decontaminate, deodorize and sterilize your toilet bowl.
It will not stain or leave lumpy residue as the gel will be dissolved evenly.

⚡ Save money, water and energy
Compared to the cube form cleaners, which will stain the toilet bowl and requires frequent replacement.
A single bottle can last up to 90days* before requiring to change them, plus no cleaning is required.

[ Specification ]
Material: Plant organic acids , surfactants, active oxygen enzymes
Product size: 6cm x 12cm
Product weight: 250g

*Your actual mileage may vary due to different conditions such as toilet tank size, temperature, water quality & number of flushes. Pictures are for illustration purposes only